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8.4.3 Event Commands

The event commands are used to define events for tailoring the Fabric system to your needs for controlling applications.

  • Command: event trigger: Trigger an event.

      mysqlfabric  event trigger <event> [--locks=LOCKS] [--args=ARGS]          
      <event>  Event's identification. Accepted values: String                  
      --locks=LOCKS    By default None.                                         
      --args=ARGS      Event's non-keyworded arguments. By default None.        
      --kwargs=KWARGS  Event's keyworded arguments. By default None.            
      :class:`CommandResult` instance with UUID of the procedures that were
  • Command: event wait_for_procedures: Wait until procedures, which are identified through their uuid in a list and separated by comma, finish their execution. If a procedure is not found an error is returned.

      mysqlfabric  event wait_for_procedures [--proc_uuids=PROC_UUIDS]          
                Iterable with procedures' UUIDs. By default None.  

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