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8.6 Backing Store

The backing store feature requires a MySQL instance. This server should be the same version as your other servers and MySQL version 5.6.10 or later. This section explains how to set up the backing store and provides information about some of the tables created.

To set up the backing store, use the mysqlfabric command. The --param options specify the user and password we created in Section, “Create the Associated MySQL Users” so that the utility can connect to the backing store and create the database and tables. We show the resulting tables in the new fabric database below.

shell> mysqlfabric manage setup --param=storage.user=fabric --param=storage.password=secret
[INFO] 1379444563.457977 - MainThread - Initializing persister:
user (fabric), server (localhost:3306), database (fabric).
shell> mysqlshow -ufabric -psecret fabric
|      Tables       |
| checkpoints       |
| error_log         |
| group_replication |
| groups            |
| permissions       |
| role_permissions  |
| roles             |
| servers           |
| shard_maps        |
| shard_ranges      |
| shard_tables      |
| shards            |
| user_roles        |
| users             |

The tables described here are subject to change in future versions of Fabric.

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