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MySQL Utilities 1.5 Manual  /  MySQL Fabric  /  Using Connector/J with MySQL Fabric

8.9 Using Connector/J with MySQL Fabric

MySQL Fabric provides data distribution and high-availability features for a set of MySQL database servers.

Developers using Connector/J can take advantage of its features to work with a set of servers managed by MySQL Fabric. Connector/J supports the following MySQL Fabric capabilities:

  • Automatic node selection based on application-provided shard information (table and key)

  • Read/write splitting within a MySQL Fabric server group

  • Reporting errors to the Fabric node as part of the distributed failure detector

The Fabric Client library for Java, which is included with Connector/J, is comprised of the following packages:

  • src/com/mysql/fabric/xmlrpc: Classes for core implementation of the XML-RPC protocol

  • src/com/mysql/fabric: Classes for interacting with the MySQL Fabric management system using the XML-RPC protocol

  • src/com/mysql/fabric/jdbc: Classes for JDBC access to MySQL servers based on shard information

  • src/com/mysql/fabric/hibernate: class enabling integration with Hibernate

  • testsuite/fabric: JUnit tests

  • src/demo/fabric: Usage samples

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