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8.4.5. Sharding Commands

The sharding commands are used to define, modify, and control sharding.

  • sharding move_shard: Move the shard represented by the shard_id to the destination group.

  • sharding lookup_servers: Lookup a shard based on the give sharding key.

  • sharding disable_shard: Disable a shard.

  • sharding remove_definition: Remove the shard mapping definition.

  • sharding list_tables: Return all the shard mapping definitions of a particular sharding type.

  • sharding add_table: Add a table to a shard mapping definition.

  • sharding add_shard: Add a shard.

  • sharding list_definitions: Lists all the shard mapping definitions.

  • sharding enable_shard: Enable a shard.

  • sharding remove_shard: Remove a shard.

  • sharding prune_shard: Given the table name, prune the table according to the defined sharding specification for the table.

  • sharding lookup_table: Fetch the shard specification mapping for the given table.

  • sharding split_shard: Split the shard represented by the shard_id into the destination group.

  • sharding create_definition: Create a shard mapping definition.

  • sharding remove_table: Remove table from the shard mapping definition.

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