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8.4.2. Group Commands

The group commands are used to define, modify, and control groups.

  • group activate: Activate failure detector for server(s) in a group. By default the failure detector is deactivated.

  • group deactivate: Deactivate the failure detector for server(s) in a group.

  • group create: Create a group.

  • group remove: Remove a server from a group.

  • group add: Add a server to a group.

  • group lookup_servers: Return information on existing servers in a group.

  • group health: Check whether any server within a group has failed and report health information.

  • group destroy: Remove a group.

  • group demote: Demote the current master if there is one.

  • group promote: Promote a server to master.

  • group lookup_groups: Return information on existing groups.

  • group description: Update a group description.

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