The utility performs a best effort approximation of the CREATE statement when run in diagnostic mode. As such, if you read a .frm file that uses character sets or collations other than the default and you do not use a --server option to connect to a server to read the character sets, this can result in miscalculated column sizes.

For example, suppose your default character set is latin1 which uses 1 byte per character. Lets also suppose you are attempting to read a .frm file that uses a character set that uses 3 bytes per character. Furthermore, we have no server to connect. In this case, the column sizes may be off by a factor of 3. A case in point would be a field such as col_a char(3) would appear in the output of the mysqlfrm utility as col_a char(9).

To mitigate risks such as this and to produce the most accurate CREATE statement in diagnostic mode, always use the --server option.

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