Tips and Tricks

The warning issued during the import concerning GTIDs is to ensure you are aware that the process for gathering the proper GTIDs to execute on the slave include transactions from all databases. Thus, if you ran a partial export that includes the replication commands and you have GTIDs enabled, you should use the --skip-rpl option to skip the replication commands and restart replication manually.

Should your data be large enough to make the use of mysqldbexport impractical, you can use mysqldbexport to generate the correct replication commands anyway by using the --export=definitions option. This will generate the SQL statements for the objects but not the data. You can then use the replication commands generated with your own backup and restore tools.

You can use the option --rpl=slave to generate a output stream that considers the source server a slave and uses the source servers master settings for generating the CHANGE MASTER command.

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