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MySQL Shell 8.0  /  ...  /  Using Encrypted Connections in Scripting Sessions Using Encrypted Connections in Scripting Sessions

To establish an encrypted connection for a scripting session in JavaScript or Python mode, set the SSL information in the connectionData dictionary. For example:

mysql-js> var session=mysqlx.getSession({host: 'localhost',
                                             user: 'root',
                                             password: 'password',
                                             ssl_ca: "path_to_ca_file",
                                             ssl_cert: "path_to_cert_file",
                                             ssl_key: "path_to_key_file"});

Sessions created using either mysql.getClassicSession(connection_data) or mysqlx.getSession(connection_data) use ssl-mode=REQUIRED as the default if no ssl-mode is provided, and neither ssl-ca nor ssl-capath is provided. If no ssl-mode is provided and any of ssl-ca or ssl-capath is provided, created sessions default to ssl-mode=VERIFY_CA.

See Connecting Using Key-Value Pairs for more information.