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Security in MySQL  /  ...  /  General-Purpose Keyring Key-Management Functions

7.4.8 General-Purpose Keyring Key-Management Functions

MySQL Server supports a keyring service that enables internal server components and plugins to securely store sensitive information for later retrieval.

As of MySQL 5.7.13, MySQL Server includes an SQL interface for keyring key management, implemented as a set of general-purpose user-defined functions (UDFs) that access the functions provided by the internal keyring service. The keyring UDFs are contained in a plugin library file, which also contains a keyring_udf plugin that must be enabled prior to UDF invocation. For these UDFs to be used, a keyring plugin such as keyring_file or keyring_okv must be enabled.

The UDFs described here are general purpose and intended for use with any keyring plugin. A given keyring plugin might have UDFs of its own that are intended for use only with that plugin; see Section 7.4.9, “Plugin-Specific Keyring Key-Management Functions”.

The following sections provide installation instructions for the keyring UDFs and demonstrate how to use them. For information about the keyring service functions invoked by the UDFs, see The Keyring Service. For general keyring information, see Section 7.4, “The MySQL Keyring”.

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