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Security in MySQL  /  ...  /  Audit Log Tables Audit Log Tables

MySQL Enterprise Audit uses tables in the mysql system database for persistent storage of filter and user account data. The tables can be accessed only by users with privileges for that database. The tables use the InnoDB storage engine (MyISAM prior to MySQL 5.7.21).

If these tables are missing, the audit_log plugin operates in legacy mode. See Section 6.5.7, “Legacy Mode Audit Log Filtering”.

The audit_log_filter table stores filter definitions. The table has these columns:

  • NAME

    The filter name.


    The filter definition associated with the filter name. Definitions are stored as JSON values.

The audit_log_user table stores user account information. The table has these columns:

  • USER

    The user name part of an account. For an account user1@localhost, the USER part is user1.

  • HOST

    The host name part of an account. For an account user1@localhost, the HOST part is localhost.


    The name of the filter assigned to the account. The filter name associates the account with a filter defined in the audit_log_filter table.