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Security in MySQL  /  ...  /  Installing the Windows Authentication Plugin Installing the Windows Authentication Plugin

This section describes how to install the Windows authentication plugin. For general information about installing plugins, see Installing and Uninstalling Plugins.

To be usable by the server, the plugin library file must be located in the MySQL plugin directory (the directory named by the plugin_dir system variable). If necessary, set the value of plugin_dir at server startup to tell the server the plugin directory location.

To enable the plugin, start the server with the --plugin-load option. For example, put these lines in your my.ini file:


To verify plugin installation, examine the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PLUGINS table or use the SHOW PLUGINS statement (see Obtaining Server Plugin Information). For example:

    -> WHERE PLUGIN_NAME LIKE 'authentication%';
| authentication_windows | ACTIVE        |

To associate a MySQL account with the Windows authentication plugin, use the plugin name authentication_windows in the IDENTIFIED WITH clause of CREATE USER or GRANT statement that creates the account.

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