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5.1 Connection Routing Plugin

The Connection Routing plugin performs connection-based routing, meaning that it forwards the packets to the server without looking at them. This is a simplistic approach that provides a high throughput.


MySQL Fabric usage is optional, and the example below does not use Fabric.

A simple connection-based routing setup is shown below. These options were documented in the Configuration File Setup chapter.

logging_folder = /var/log/mysql/router
config_folder  = /usr/local/etc/mysqlrouter
plugin_folder  = /usr/local/lib/mysqlrouter
runtime_folder = /usr/local/

level = INFO

bind_address =
destinations =,,
mode = read-only

Here we use connection routing to round-robin MySQL connections to three MySQL servers. The read-only mode causes round-robin behavior, and logs are sent to /var/log/mysql/router/mysqlrouter.log.

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