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MySQL Performance Schema  /  Performance Schema Startup Configuration

Chapter 4 Performance Schema Startup Configuration

To use the MySQL Performance Schema, it must be enabled at server startup to enable event collection to occur.

The Performance Schema is disabled by default. To enable it, start the server with the performance_schema variable enabled. For example, use these lines in the server my.cnf file:


If the server is unable to allocate any internal buffer during Performance Schema initialization, the Performance Schema disables itself and sets performance_schema to OFF, and the server runs without instrumentation.

The Performance Schema includes several system variables that provide configuration information:

mysql> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'perf%';
| Variable_name                                     | Value   |
| performance_schema                                | ON      |
| performance_schema_events_waits_history_long_size | 10000   |
| performance_schema_events_waits_history_size      | 10      |
| performance_schema_max_cond_classes               | 80      |
| performance_schema_max_cond_instances             | 1000    |
| performance_schema_max_file_classes               | 50      |
| performance_schema_max_file_handles               | 32768   |
| performance_schema_max_file_instances             | 10000   |
| performance_schema_max_mutex_classes              | 200     |
| performance_schema_max_mutex_instances            | 1000000 |
| performance_schema_max_rwlock_classes             | 30      |
| performance_schema_max_rwlock_instances           | 1000000 |
| performance_schema_max_table_handles              | 100000  |
| performance_schema_max_table_instances            | 50000   |
| performance_schema_max_thread_classes             | 50      |
| performance_schema_max_thread_instances           | 1000    |

The performance_schema variable is ON or OFF to indicate whether the Performance Schema is enabled or disabled. The other variables indicate table sizes (number of rows) or memory allocation values.


With the Performance Schema enabled, the number of Performance Schema instances affects the server memory footprint, perhaps to a large extent. It may be necessary to tune the values of Performance Schema system variables to find the number of instances that balances insufficient instrumentation against excessive memory consumption.

To change the value of Performance Schema system variables, set them at server startup. For example, put the following lines in a my.cnf file to change the sizes of the history tables for wait events:


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