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1.1 MySQL Notifier Tasks

MySQL Notifier provides visual status information for the MySQL servers that are monitored on both local or remote computers. The MySQL Notifier icon in the taskbar changes color to indicate the current status: Running or Stopped.

MySQL Notifier automatically adds discovered MySQL services on the local computer. By default, the Automatically add new services whose name contains option is enabled and set to mysql. Related notification options include being notified when new services are either discovered or experience status changes, and are also enabled by default. Uninstalling a service removes the service from MySQL Notifier.

Clicking the MySQL Notifier icon from the Windows taskbar reveals the MySQL Notifier main menu, which lists each MySQL server separately and displays its current status. You can start, stop, or restart each MySQL server from the menu as the following figure shows. When MySQL Workbench is installed locally, the Manage Instance and SQL Editor menu items start the application.

Figure 1.1 MySQL Notifier Service Instance Menu

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The Actions menu includes the following items:

  • Manage Monitored Items

  • Launch MySQL Installer (Only when the product is installed.)

  • Check for Updates (Only when MySQL Installer is installed.)

  • MySQL Utilities Shell (Only when the product is installed.)

  • Refresh Status

  • Options

  • About

  • Close MySQL Notifier

The main menu does not show the Actions menu when there are no services being monitored by MySQL Notifier.