2.1 A New Design

The MySQL Enterprise Monitor user interface is completely redesigned. Building upon Oracle's new JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) framework, this new design improves navigation in the application.

The header now contains two target selection fields. These drive which grouped summary, or specific asset, that you would like to view.

Page selection is moved to the Navigation bar on the left side of the page. These menu items are context sensitive and displayed according to the choices made in the target selection fields.

For example, when selecting a MySQL instance, all reports associated with MySQL are displayed in the Metrics view. Select a Host, and only the host-specific reports are displayed in the Metrics view. You can collapse and expand the view menu using the menu adjacent the Oracle logo. On smaller screens it is hidden by default.

To return to the Global Overview, click the Home button.

The Overview has also been completely re-designed. When choosing a specific asset, such as a MySQL Instance, the Overview will now show statistics and details specific to that asset type.

Sparklines are now used for instrument data, allowing more statistics to be seen at a glance.

For more information, see Chapter 23, Overview.