30.3.4 Query Analyzer Settings

There are a number of settings related to the Query Analyzer data. To configure the Query Analyzer, go to the Configuration, Advisors page and select the Query Analysis Advisor category. Then choose Edit Advisor Configuration from the context menu of the Query Analysis Reporting Advisor.

Like with any Advisor, this may be set globally, or for a group or particular MySQL server.

Thee configuration options are:

  • Enable Example Query displays more information about individual queries. When enabled, queries and their data items (rather than the canonical form shown by default) are provided. Enabling this option could expose the full query statements and therefore could present a security issue.

    With the Example Query option enabled, an additional tab is available within the query summary details. For more information, see Section 30.3.1, “Detailed Query Information”.

    If you enable Example Query, you can also enable Example Explain. To enable this tab, select the Enable Example Explain checkbox.

  • Enable Example Explain provides another tab when viewing a query where you can view the output from EXPLAIN output from MySQL for the selected query. This shows the full query and how the query was executed within the servers.

    Enabling this option might add overhead to the execution of your server, as the server runs an EXPLAIN statement each time it identifies a long running query.

  • Auto-Explain Threshold: EXPLAINs are generated for queries with a runtime above this threshold. (Format: hh:mm:ss.msec)

  • QRTi Threshold: Optimal time for response time index. For more information about QRTi, see Section 30.2, “Query Response Time index (QRTi)”.

You can also define a schedule for the advisor's data collection. For more information, see Section 17.4, “Advisor Schedules”


If this advisor is disabled, Query Analysis data is no longer collected from the monitored instances. The Query Analyzer continues displaying data collected prior to the advisor being disabled.

If disabled, a message is displayed on the Query Analyzer page: "N of the selected servers do not have query analyzer enabled." where N is the number of servers.