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29.1 Providing Query Analyzer Data

The MySQL Query Analyzer can be fed information from a number of different sources. The provider supplies the statistical information about the queries, execution times, result counts and other data to display and analyze on the Query Analyzer page.

There are a number of different methods available for supplying query information to MySQL Enterprise Service Manager:

  • Using the Performance Schema statement digests with MySQL Server 5.6.14 and above, data can be gathered directly from MySQL Server without additional configuration.

  • Using a MySQL connector with a corresponding MySQL Enterprise Monitor Plugin that provides tracing and statistical information directly to MySQL Enterprise Service Manager.

    Using this method requires a connector that is capable of collecting and sending the query statistical data directly to MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. The connectors collect the basic query statistics, such as the execution time for each query, and the row counts, and provide this information to MySQL Enterprise Service Manager for analysis.


    This implementation type does not require the proxy component.

  • Using the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Proxy and Aggregator. For more information, see Chapter 11, Proxy and Aggregator Installation.


    If you are using the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Proxy and Aggregator to collect query performance data, you must disable the statements_digest consumer in performance_schema.setup_consumers.

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