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11.2 Installing the Proxy and Aggregator

The following installations are possible:

  • Aggregator and Proxy: Proxy and Aggregator are installed and configured together.

  • Aggregator: Aggregator is installed without the Proxy. Only use this installation type if you intend to use the Aggregator with MySQL Connector/PHP.

The installer has the following filename convention:

mysqlmonitoraggregator-version_number-platform- architecture-installer.extension


  • version_number is the version number of the product.

  • platform is the intended operating system for the installer.

  • architecture specified whether the installer is for 32- or 64-bit platforms. If no architecture is present, the installer is 32-bit.

The installers support the following installation types:

  • Graphical Installation Wizard

  • Text mode

  • Unattended mode

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