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5.3 Java Considerations on Linux

MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent installers and updaters for UNIX-based platforms are delivered with and without a compatible JVM. For those installers which do not include a compatible JVM, you must download and install a compatible version if you do not already have one installed. Consult your platform's support documentation for information on appropriate installations.


On 64-bit platforms, it is recommended to use a 32-bit JRE with the 32-bit MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent. The 32-bit version uses considerably less RAM than the 64-bit version. For more information, see Compatibility Libraries.

Compatibility Libraries

If you intend to use a 32-bit JVM on a 64-bit platform, ensure that you have the correct compatibility libraries installed, enabling the 64-bit application to run with a 32-bit JVM.

These libraries differ between Linux versions. For example, on Debian or Ubuntu, you must ensure Multiarch is installed or, if using earlier versions, ia32-libs. On RedHat, or CentOS, you must ensure that the glibc.i686, libXext.i686 and libXtst.i686 libraries are installed. Consult your platform documentation for more information on compatibility.

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