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MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.4 Manual
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3.1 Installer Files

The MySQL Enterprise Monitor files include:

  • MySQL Enterprise Service Manager, MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface, and Advisors for the platform that you intend to execute the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager on. For a new installation, this installer is named mysqlmonitor-version-platform-installer.extension. For an upgrade installation, this installer is named mysqlmonitor-version-platform-update-installer.extension.

  • One or more MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent, one for each host. In this default scenario, the Agent installed on the same machine as a monitored MySQL instance, make a list of the platforms your MySQL servers run on, then download the Agent installer package for each of those platforms. For a new Agent installation, this installer is named mysqlmonitoragent-version-platform-installer.extension. For an upgrade Agent installation, this installer is named mysqlmonitoragent-version-platform-update-installer.extension.

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