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20.2.3 Lock Waits Report

To open the Lock Waits reports, select Lock Waits from the Reports & Graphs menu.

InnoDB Row Lock Waits

This report retrieves data on InnoDB row locks from sys.x$innodb_lock_waits.

For more information on the data retrieved in this report, see The innodb_lock_waits and x$innodb_lock_waits Views.

Table Metadata Lock Waits


Table Metadata Lock Waits is supported on MySQL 5.7 only. This report relies on instrumentation introduced in MySQL 5.7.

The P_S instrument wait/lock/metadata/sql/mdl must be enabled to use this report. It is disabled by default. To enable this instrument, add the following to the my.cnf file of the monitored server:


This report retrieves data on MySQL 5.7 table metadata locks from sys.x$schema_table_lock_waits.

For more information on the data retrieved in this report, see The schema_table_lock_waits and x$schema_table_lock_waits Views.

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