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The SNMP Settings section enables you to define the SNMP trap configuration, such as SNMP version, SNMP targets, and so on.

Figure 22.6 SNMP Settings section

Content is described in the surrounding text.

The SNMP Settings section contains the following controls:

Table 22.8 SNMP Settings Controls

Name Description

Enable SNMP Notifications

Activates the SNMP configuration fields.

Use SNMP v1/v2

Choose the version of SNMP you intend to use.

Target and Port Number

IP address and Port number of the system which receive the SNMP Traps.

Community String

SNMP community string. Default value is public.

Use the remote MySQL agent host IP address as the SNMP trap agent address for Advisor traps (optional)

Defines the source IP address included in the trap.

  • Disabled: the trap uses the IP address of the service manager.

  • Enabled: the trap uses the IP address of the agent monitoring the host for which the advisor was triggered.

SNMP trap agent address for internally generated traps (optional)

Defines the source IP address included in traps generated by MySQL Enterprise Service Manager

On Save send test trap

Send a test trap message when Save is clicked. Select one, or more, of the trap types from the list. One trap is sent for each option selected.

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