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6.1 General considerations when upgrading MySQL Enterprise Monitor

You cannot use the update installers to change to a different operating system or chip architecture. For example, you cannot update a 32-bit Linux installation to a 64-bit version using an update installer. You must perform a fresh installation instead.

Customizations to are lost, as this file is replaced and optimized for MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0 during an upgrade.

The installation and configuration of MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent must be standard before you start the installation. The update installer cannot upgrade agents where you have changed or modified the file names or directory layout of the installed agent.


The upgrade installer overwrites items-mysql-monitor.xml. On Windows, this file is in the C:\Program Files\MySQL\Enterprise\Agent\share\mysql-monitor-agent directory and on Unix, in the /opt/mysql/enterprise/agent/share/mysql-monitor-agent directory. Back this file up if you have made any changes to it.


The Upgrade installer for MySQL Enterprise Service Manager overwrites any changes made to the my.cnf in your MySQL Enterprise Service Manager installation. Backup the existing my.cnf file before starting the upgrade installer.

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