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Chapter 4 Service Manager Installation

This chapter describes the installation of the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager.


Due to changes in TLS support, as of MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.22, it is not possible for the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager to communicate with earlier versions of the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent.

MySQL Enterprise Service Manager cannot communicate with any MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent earlier than version 3.0.22. It is strongly recommended you use 3.2 agents with the 3.2 Service Manager.

The MySQL Enterprise Service Manager installer installs the following components:

  • Apache Tomcat: mandatory component. Servlet container and web server which hosts the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager.

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE): mandatory component. Required by Tomcat.

  • MySQL Server: optional component. Used to store the data from the monitored hosts and instances. Referred to, throughout this document, as the repository. It is also possible to use another MySQL instance as the repository.

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