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27.2.3 Data Collection Attributes

To properly evaluate the data returned by the data collection, assign attributes to the returned values.

Attributes are defined using the following format:

            <attribute name="AttributeName1" counter="true" type="INTEGER"/>
            <attribute name="AttributeName2" counter="false" type="STRING"/>

Table 27.3 Attribute Elements

nameThe name of the attribute defined in the AS clause of the query.
counterWhether the attribute is a counter type.
  • true: the attribute is a counter type.

  • false: the attribute is not a counter type.

typeThe attribute value type. Possible values are INTEGER, STRING or FLOAT.


If an attribute type is incorrectly defined in the attribute definition, such as INTEGER instead of STRING, it is not possible to change the value in the custom.xml after the agent has started. This is because it is not possible for the agent to alter attribute types after they are defined. Attempting to change it in that manner results in an InvalidValueForTypeException error. To correct this, you must stop the agent, edit the type definition, rename the attribute, and restart the agent.

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