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15.4 Group Overview Configuration

The Group Overview configuration bar enables you to select the group to view in the Overview dashboard. It also enables you to define the period for which the data is displayed.

By default, the Group Overview is set to All. To edit the overview, click Edit. The Group Overview edit bar is displayed.

Figure 15.2 Group Overview Filter Configuration

Group Filter toolbar

The controls in the Group Overview configuration bar are described in the following table:

Table 15.1 Group Overview Filter Configuration

Group OverviewDrop-down list containing all groups defined in MySQL Enterprise Service Manager.
Graph Time Range

Drop-down lists containing the time periods to apply to the graphs. The possible values are:

  • Interval: select the duration for the overview data. If you select 1 hour, the data collected in the last hour is displayed.

  • From/To: select a date and time range for the overview data.

Graph time ranges apply to the timeseries graphs, only. They do not apply to the Availability, Problem, or Current Emergency information.

GoApplies the new configuration to the Overview dashboard.
Save as Default

Sets the selected group and time range as the default.

It is not possible to save a date range, using From/To, as the default for a group.

Reset to DefaultResets the group overview configuration to the previously saved values.


If the default group is deleted, an error is displayed on the Overview dashboard.

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