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15.4 User Preferences


MySQL Enterprise Monitor is available as part of the MySQL Enterprise subscription, learn more at

On this tab, users can change their password, user name, and locale information.

Figure 15.9 MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface: User Preferences

MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface: User Preferences

To change your password, enter a new value into the Password text box. To change your user name, enter a new value into the Username text box. Click the save user properties button to commit this change.

You can also adjust your time zone and locale information from this tab. The settings on this tab apply only to the user who is currently logged in.

The MySQL Enterprise Service Manager determines the default value for the locale by looking at your browser settings. Changing this value determines the language setting for any future logins to the MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface, overriding your browser settings.


Be sure to set the correct time zone so that alerts are time stamped correctly.

This setting applies only to the specific user.

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