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17.2 Notification of Events

By default, notification of an event takes place when an Advisor is executed and the severity level for a given Advisor changes from a lower status to a higher one. This occurs on the first change to each individual severity level until the event is closed.

This behavior is set when creating an event handler (Configuration, Event Handling, Create Event Handler). The SMTP Notification Policy and SNMP Notification Policy options include:

  • Notify on event escalation: Notify when the status changes from a lower status to a higher one, such as Critical to Emergency.

  • Notify on any status change: Notify when the status changes, either high to low or low to high.

  • Always notify: Does not take into account escalation, and always sends a notification if one of the defined Event Statuses is triggered.

If auto-close is enabled for a given advisor, this notification sequence is still valid, but the event is automatically closed when the event reaches the Ok state. This re-enables notification when the advisor creates a new event.

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