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15.5 Diagnostics Report

This chapter describes the Diagnostics Report.


You can obtain a diagnostics report file for either individual servers, or entire server groups. To get a diagnostic report file, select Diagnostics Report from the Settings menu. The information is provided as a time stamped Zip file (such as that is downloaded to the machine. The information contained in the report includes detailed information about your server (or multiple servers if you selected a server group), including configuration, hardware, MySQL options/variables and historical graphs. To view the information extracted, unzip the downloaded file and double-click the index.html.

This report is especially useful for debugging the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager and the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent. When filling out a My Oracle Support (MOS) ticket, it is common practice for the support team to ask for this report.

Diagnostics Report File Contents

  • audit.log: The Audit log file.

  • catalina.out: A Tomcat log file.

  • com.mysql.etools.agent.csv: A built-in MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent log file.

  • A list of the current Java threads and the dependencies.

  • java.props: The current Java configuration properties.

  • java.threads: A list of the current Java threads and their backtrace.

  • mysql-monitor.log: The general MySQL Enterprise Service Manager log file.

  • mysql-monitor-full.log: The full MySQL Enterprise Service Manager log file, that also contains stack traces.

  • mysql-monitor-agent.log: A general built-in MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent log file.

    mysql-monitor-agent-full.log: A full built-in MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent log file, that also contains stack traces.

  • The MySQL Enterprise Monitor preference settings.

  • product usage.html: A usage report for each MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface page.

  • query.instanceOverview.html: An HTML list of the current query instance related information.


    The format of this file changed in 3.0. It is now listed as one Asset per block, instead of having one row per Asset inventory item.

  • Replication The calculated MySQL server replication structure.

  • root.csv: A copy of your main MySQL Enterprise Monitor log file.

  • server.props: A copy of your server properties.

  • tomcat.log: A Tomcat log file.

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