D.2.3 Using The Agent Configuration Script

The agent.sh / agent.bat script is used to configure an Agent. Its location:

Table D.6 MEM Agent Configuration Tool Location (default)

Operating System Path
Microsoft Windows C:\Program Files\MySQL\Enterprise\Agent\bin\agent.bat
Linux / Solaris /opt/mysql/enterprise/agent/bin/agent.sh
Mac OS X /Applications/mysql/enterprise/agent/bin/agent.sh

Use --help to view its options.

This script is used to handle several use cases, including:

  • Starting the Agent daemon/service: Execute the script without any parameters.

  • Configuring bootstrap.properties: Execute the script using the --url or --agent-user options.

  • Managing a connection (add/edit/delete): Execute the script using the --create-connection, --edit-connection, or --remove-connection options.

  • Assigning an Agent to multiple groups: Execute the script using multiple iterations of the --connection-group option, one for each assigned group.


Executing a use case is exclusive, as each use case requires its own execution of the script.

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