Controlling libmemcached Behaviors

The behavior of libmemcached can be modified by setting one or more behavior flags. These can either be set globally, or they can be applied during the call to individual functions. Some behaviors also accept an additional setting, such as the hashing mechanism used when selecting servers.

To set global behaviors:

   memcached_behavior_set (memcached_st *ptr,
                           memcached_behavior flag,
                           uint64_t data);

To get the current behavior setting:

   memcached_behavior_get (memcached_st *ptr,
                           memcached_behavior flag);

The following table describes libmemcached behavior flags.

Behavior Description
MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_NO_BLOCK Caused libmemcached to use asynchronous I/O.
MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_TCP_NODELAY Turns on no-delay for network sockets.
MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_HASH Without a value, sets the default hashing algorithm for keys to use MD5. Other valid values include MEMCACHED_HASH_DEFAULT, MEMCACHED_HASH_MD5, MEMCACHED_HASH_CRC, MEMCACHED_HASH_FNV1_64, MEMCACHED_HASH_FNV1A_64, MEMCACHED_HASH_FNV1_32, and MEMCACHED_HASH_FNV1A_32.
MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_DISTRIBUTION Changes the method of selecting the server used to store a given value. The default method is MEMCACHED_DISTRIBUTION_MODULA. You can enable consistent hashing by setting MEMCACHED_DISTRIBUTION_CONSISTENT. MEMCACHED_DISTRIBUTION_CONSISTENT is an alias for the value MEMCACHED_DISTRIBUTION_CONSISTENT_KETAMA.
MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_CACHE_LOOKUPS Cache the lookups made to the DNS service. This can improve the performance if you are using names instead of IP addresses for individual hosts.
MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_SUPPORT_CAS Support CAS operations. By default, this is disabled because it imposes a performance penalty.
MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_POLL_TIMEOUT Modify the timeout value used by poll(). Supply a signed int pointer for the timeout value.
MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_BUFFER_REQUESTS Buffers IO requests instead of them being sent. A get operation, or closing the connection causes the data to be flushed.
MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_VERIFY_KEY Forces libmemcached to verify that a specified key is valid.
MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_SORT_HOSTS If set, hosts added to the list of configured hosts for a memcached_st structure are placed into the host list in sorted order. This breaks consistent hashing if that behavior has been enabled.
MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_CONNECT_TIMEOUT In nonblocking mode this changes the value of the timeout during socket connection.