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Chapter 2 Installation

MySQL for Excel is a 32-bit add-in for Microsoft Excel, which you can install and run on Microsoft Windows. MySQL for Excel is not compatible with Linux or macOS.

MySQL for Excel can interact with MySQL Workbench to simplify the management of MySQL connections when both MySQL client tools are installed. MySQL Workbench is not required to perform database operations from MySQL for Excel.

Minimum Requirements

  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 (Client or Full Profile).

  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or later (for Microsoft Windows).

  • Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime.


    This requirement is different than Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio, which is not a substitute.

  • An available MySQL server connection.

MySQL for Excel Download and Install

To install MySQL for Excel, download and execute the MySQL for Excel standalone MSI file. You must ensure that all MySQL for Excel requirements are met before executing the MSI file.

Open MySQL for Excel

MySQL for Excel is loaded and executed by selecting the Data menu tab in Excel, and then clicking the MySQL for Excel button from the ribbon. This button opens the MySQL for Excel task pane from which you can select options and operations. Initially, MySQL for Excel displays connection information, as shown in the following figure.


If the items in the task pane overlap, you may need to restart Microsoft Windows after installing MySQL for Excel.

Figure 2.1 MySQL for Excel Button and Task Pane

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