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5.2 Importing a Table or View

The dialog while importing a table or view includes the following options:

  • Include Column Names as Headers: Selected by default, this inserts the column names at the top of the Microsoft Excel worksheet as a "headers" row.

  • Limit to ___ Rows and Start with Row ___: Deselected by default, this limits the range of imported data. The Limit to option defaults to 1, and defines the number of rows to import. The Start with Row option defaults to 1 (the first row), and defines where the import begins. Each option has a maximum value of COUNT(rows) in the table.

  • Create a PivotTable with the imported data: Deselected by default. For usage instructions, see Section 5.6, “Creating PivotTables”

  • Add Summary Fields: Deselected by default, this option adds a summary field to each column. For additional information, see Section 5.5, “Adding Summary Fields”.

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