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4.5 Restoring a Backup with a Database Upgrade or Downgrade


Due to the changes to the InnoDB storage engine going from MySQL 5.5 to 5.6, restoring a backup of a MySQL 5.5 database to a MySQL 5.6 server requires some extra steps beyond the general restore and upgrade procedures, the skipping of which will crash the target server. For such a restoration, follow the steps described below.

You can back up a server running one MySQL version and restore on a server running a different MySQL version. After the restore, perform the appropriate upgrade steps as if you are running the new MySQL version for the first time. (Or, if you installed on a server running an older MySQL, perform the appropriate downgrade steps.) For information about upgrading and downgrading, see Upgrading MySQL and Downgrading MySQL.


After upgrading between certain combinations of MySQL versions, you might see error messages about missing or mismatching definitions for system tables. Use the mysql_upgrade command as directed in the upgrade instructions to correct such issues. See mysql_upgrade — Check and Upgrade MySQL Tables for instructions on this command.


Restoring a database to an older MySQL version (i.e., server downgrading) is only supported when the original and the final versions are in the same release series (e.g. going from 5.5.30 to 5.5.29). Downgrading to a lower series (e.g. from 5.6.33 to 5.5.33) might cause server crashes or data corruption.

Steps to Back Up on MySQL 5.5 and Restore on MySQL 5.6

  • Back up the data on the MySQL 5.5 server.

  • Restore the data to the directory you plan to use as the MySQL 5.6 server's data directory by running an apply-log and then a copy-back operation on the backup.

  • Restart the MySQL 5.5 server, using the intended data directory for the MySQL 5.6 server as its own data directory.


    This is an extra step beyond the normal restore and upgrade procedures, special to the restoration of MySQL 5.5 data to MySQL 5.6 server; with it, the MySQL 5.5 server prepares the data for an upgrade to MySQL 5.6 by performing some clean-up steps on the data, similar to what the server would do during a crash recovery.

  • Stop the MySQL 5.5 server.

  • Install the MySQL 5.6 server.

  • Start the MySQL 5.6 server.

  • Run upgrade steps as documented in the MySQL reference manual on the restored data. Make sure the mysql_upgrade that comes with MySQL 5.6 is applied.

  • Check data.

Steps to Back Up on MySQL 5.1 and Restore on MySQL 5.5

  • Back up on MySQL 5.1.

  • Install MySQL 5.5.

  • Restore on MySQL 5.5.

  • Run upgrade steps as documented in the MySQL reference manual.

  • Check data.