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MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.11 User's Guide
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5.1.7 Compression Options

For an overview on backup compression, see Section 3.3.3, “Making a Compressed Backup”.

  • --compress

    Create backup in compressed format. For a regular backup, only the InnoDB data files are compressed, and they bear the .ibz extension after the compression. Similarly, for a single-image backup, only the InnoDB data files inside the backup image are compressed.

    Default: compression is disabled.

  • --compress-method=ALGORITHM

    Command-Line Format --compress-method=ALGORITHM
    Type Enumeration
    Default Value lz4
    Valid Values






    Specifies the compression algorithm. The supported arguments for the option and the algorithms they represent are:

    • lz4: LZ4 r109. Out of the three algorithms that are supported, this is the most efficient one, typically taking the shortest backup and restore times with the lowest CPU cost. See lz4—Extremely Fast Compression algorithm for more details, including a comparison with other compression algorithms.

    • lzma: LZMA 9.20. Out of the three supported algorithms, this typically provides the highest compression ratio; but it is also far more expensive in terms of CPU cost than the other two options. Thus we do not recommend this for active systems, but only for off-hour or inactive databases, or where I/O rates are extremely low.

    • zlib: ZLIB v1.2.3. This is in between the other two supported algorithms in terms of both speed and compression ratio. ZLIB was the only compression algorithm available for MySQL Enterprise Backup versions prior to 3.10.

    Default: lz4. Explicitly specifying a value for the option through a configuration file or command line automatically enables the --compress option.

  • --compress-level=LEVEL

    Command-Line Format --compress-level=LEVEL
    Type Numeric
    Default Value 1
    Minimum Value 0
    Maximum Value 9

    Specifies the level of compression, ranging from 0 to 9: 0 disables compression; 1 is fastest compression, and 9 is highest (and slowest) compression. The option is only meaningful for compression using the ZLIB or LZMA algorithm; it is ignored when any other algorithms are selected by the --compress-method option.

    Default: 1 (lowest and fastest compression). Explicitly specifying a non-zero value through a configuration file or command line automatically enables the --compress option.