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MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2 User Manual
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4.2.6 The list hosts Command

list hosts site_name

The list hosts command is used to obtain a list of the hosts comprising a given management site. The command requires a single argument, the name of the site to be examined. For each host listed, the information returned includes the hostname, availability (the Status column), and version of the management agent software in use, as shown in this example:

mcm> list hosts mysite;
| Host      | Status    | Version |
| tonfisk   | Available | 1.2.4   |
| flundra   | Available | 1.2.4   |
2 rows in set (0.16 sec)

If you omit the site_name argument, the command fails with an error, as shown here:

mcm> list hosts;
ERROR 6 (00MGR): Illegal number of operands

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