MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0  /  Preface and Notes

Chapter 1 Preface and Notes

This is an extract from the Reference Manual for the MySQL Database System, version 8.0. It contains information about MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0 releases through MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0.26. Differences between minor versions of NDB Cluster covered in this extract are noted in the present text with reference to the NDBCLUSTER storage version number (8.0.x; which is the same as the version number of the MySQL Server 8.0 on which the NDB Cluster release is based, are noted with reference to MySQL 8.0 releases (8.0.x). For license information, see the legal notice.

This extract is not intended for use with older versions of the NDB Cluster software due to the many functional and other differences between current and previous versions. For information about previous NDB Cluster versions, see MySQL NDB Cluster 7.6. This extract provides information that is specific to NDB Cluster and is not intended to replace the MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual, which provides additional information about MySQL 8.0 which may also be necessary for use of MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0. If you are using MySQL Server 5.7 or an earlier release of the MySQL software, please refer to the appropriate manual. For example, MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual, covers the 5.7 series of MySQL Server releases.