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MySQL NDB Cluster 7.3-7.4
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3.4.1 What is New in NDB Cluster 7.3

The following improvements to NDB Cluster have been made in NDB Cluster 7.3:

  • Based on MySQL Server 5.6.  NDB Cluster 7.3 is based on MySQL Server 5.6, so that NDB Cluster users can benefit from MySQL 5.6's improvements in scalability and performance monitoring. As with MySQL 5.6, NDB Cluster 7.3 uses CMake for configuring and building from source. For more information about changes and improvements in MySQL 5.6, see What Is New in MySQL 5.6.

  • Foreign keys.  Tables created using the NDB storage engine version 7.3.0 and later provide support for foreign key constraints. (This includes all NDB Cluster 7.3 releases.) For general information about how MySQL 5.6 and NDB Cluster 7.3 handle foreign keys, see FOREIGN KEY Constraints. For syntax and related information, see CREATE TABLE Syntax, and Using FOREIGN KEY Constraints.

  • Node.js support.  NDB Cluster 7.3 also supports applications written in JavaScript using Node.js. The MySQL Connector for JavaScript includes adapters for direct access to the NDB storage engine and as well as for the MySQL Server. Applications using this Connector are typically event-driven and use a domain object model similar in many ways to that employed by ClusterJ. For more information, see MySQL NoSQL Connector for JavaScript.

NDB Cluster 7.3 is also supported by MySQL Cluster Manager, which provides an advanced command-line interface that can simplify many complex NDB Cluster management tasks. See MySQL™ Cluster Manager 1.4.7 User Manual, for more information.