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MySQL NDB Cluster 7.3-7.4  /  NDB Cluster Programs  /  ndb_error_reporter — NDB Error-Reporting Utility

5.13 ndb_error_reporter — NDB Error-Reporting Utility

ndb_error_reporter creates an archive from data node and management node log files that can be used to help diagnose bugs or other problems with a cluster. It is highly recommended that you make use of this utility when filing reports of bugs in NDB Cluster.

Options that can be used with ndb_error_reporter are shown in the following table. Additional descriptions follow the table.

ndb_error_reporter did not support the --help option prior to NDB 7.3.3 (Bug #11756666, Bug #48606). The --connection-timeout --dry-scp, and --skip-nodegroup options were also added in this release (Bug #16602002).

Table 5.11 Command-line options used with the program ndb_error_reporter

Format Description Added, Deprecated, or Removed


Number of seconds to wait when connecting to nodes before timing out

ADDED: NDB 7.3.3


Disable scp with remote hosts; used in testing only

ADDED: NDB 7.3.3


Include file system data in error report; can use a large amount of disk space

(Supported in all NDB releases based on MySQL 5.6)



Display help text and exit

(Supported in all NDB releases based on MySQL 5.6)


Skip all nodes in the node group having this ID

ADDED: NDB 7.3.3


ndb_error_reporter path/to/config-file [username] [options]

This utility is intended for use on a management node host, and requires the path to the management host configuration file (usually named config.ini). Optionally, you can supply the name of a user that is able to access the cluster's data nodes using SSH, to copy the data node log files. ndb_error_reporter then includes all of these files in archive that is created in the same directory in which it is run. The archive is named ndb_error_report_YYYYMMDDhhmmss.tar.bz2, where YYYYMMDDhhmmss is a datetime string.

ndb_error_reporter also accepts the options listed here:

  • --connection-timeout=timeout

    Command-Line Format --connection-timeout=#
    Introduced 5.6.14-ndb-7.3.3
    Type Integer
    Default Value 0

    Wait this many seconds when trying to connect to nodes before timing out.

  • --dry-scp

    Command-Line Format --dry-scp
    Introduced 5.6.14-ndb-7.3.3

    Run ndb_error_reporter without using scp from remote hosts. Used for testing only.

  • --fs

    Command-Line Format --fs

    Copy the data node file systems to the management host and include them in the archive.

    Because data node file systems can be extremely large, even after being compressed, we ask that you please do not send archives created using this option to Oracle unless you are specifically requested to do so.

  • --help

    Command-Line Format --help

    Display help text and exit.

  • --skip-nodegroup=nodegroup_id

    Command-Line Format --connection-timeout=#
    Introduced 5.6.14-ndb-7.3.3
    Type Integer
    Default Value 0

    Skip all nodes belong to the node group having the supplied node group ID.