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11.10.2 The rpd_nodes Table

The rpd_nodes table provides information about HeatWave nodes.

The rpd_nodes table has these columns:

  • ID

    A unique identifier for the HeatWave node.


    The number of cores used by the HeatWave node.

  • MEMORY_TOTAL (renamed from DRAM in MySQL 8.0.24)

    The total memory in bytes allocated to the HeatWave node.


    The status of the HeatWave node. Possible statuses include:


      Not available.








      The node is not operational.

  • IP

    IP address of the HeatWave node.

  • PORT

    The port on which the HeatWave node was started.


    Node memory usage in bytes. The value is refreshed every four seconds. If a query starts and finishes in the four seconds between refreshes, the memory used by the query is not accounted for in the reported value. Introduced in MySQL 8.0.24.

The rpd_nodes table is read-only.

The rpd_nodes table may not show the current status for a new node or newly configured node immediately. The rpd_nodes table is updated after the node has successfully joined the cluster.

If additional nodes fail while node recovery is in progress, the newly failed nodes are not detected and their status is not updated in the performance_schema.rpd_nodes table until after the current recovery operation finishes and the nodes that failed previously have rejoined the cluster.