5.4.3 The rpd_exec_stats Table


The Performance Schema table described here is available as of MySQL 8.0.24. HeatWave ML queries are shown from MySQL 8.0.31.

The rpd_exec_stats table stores query execution statistics produced by HeatWave nodes in JSON format. One row of execution statistics is stored for each node that participates in the query. The table stores a maximum of 1000 queries.

For HeatWave ML routines that include multiple sub-queries, such as ML_TRAIN, a new record is used for each query.

The rpd_exec_stats table has these columns:


    The query ID. The counter is auto-incremented for each RAPID or (from MySQL 8.0.31) HeatWave ML query.


    The HeatWave node ID.


    Query execution statistics. For HeatWave ML, this contains the HeatWave ML routine that the user runs.