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3.10 Monitoring

You can monitor HeatWave ML status by querying the rapid_ml_status variable or by querying the ML_STATUS column of the performance_schema.rpd_nodes table.

  • Querying the rapid_ml_status variable:

    The rapid_ml_status variable provides the status of HeatWave ML. Possible values are ON and OFF.

    • ON: HeatWave ML is up and running.

    • OFF: HeatWave ML is down.

    You can query the rapid_ml_status status variable directly or through the performance_schema.global_status table; for example:

    mysql> SHOW GLOBAL STATUS LIKE 'rapid_ml_status';
    | Variable_name   | Value |
    | rapid_ml_status | ON    |
           FROM performance_schema.global_status
           WHERE VARIABLE_NAME LIKE 'rapid_ml_status';
    | rapid_ml_status | ON             |
  • Querying the ML_STATUS column of the performance_schema.rpd_nodes table.

    The HeatWave plugin writes HeatWave ML status information to the ML_STATUS column of performance_schema.rpd_nodes table after each ML query. Possible values include:

    • UNAVAIL_MLSTATE: HeatWave ML is not available.

    • AVAIL_MLSTATE: HeatWave ML is available.

    • DOWN_MLSTATE: HeatWave ML is down.

    ML_STATUS is reported for each HeatWave node.

    To following query retrieves ID, STATUS, and ML_STATUS for each HeatWave node from the performance_schema.rpd_nodes table:

    mysql> SELECT ID, STATUS, ML_STATUS FROM performance_schema.rpd_nodes; 
    | ID | STATUS        | ML_STATUS     |

If rapid_ml_status is OFF or ML_STATUS reports DOWN_MLSTATE for any HeatWave node, you can restart the HeatWave Cluster in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Console but be aware that restarting interrupts any analytics queries that are running. See Starting, Stopping, or Restarting a HeatWave Cluster, in the MySQL Database Service Guide.