MySQL HeatWave User Guide  /  HeatWave ML  /  Before You Begin

3.1 Before You Begin

Before you begin using HeatWave ML, the following is assumed:

  • You have an operational MySQL DB System and are able to connect to it using a MySQL client. If not, complete the steps described in Getting Started with MySQL Database Service.

  • Your MySQL DB System has an operational HeatWave Cluster. If not, complete the steps described in Adding a HeatWave Cluster.

  • The MySQL account that you will use to train a model does not have a period character (".") in its name; for example, a user named 'joesmith'@'%' is permitted to train a model, but a user named 'joe.smith'@'%' is not. For more information about this requirement, see Section 3.13, “Limitations”.

  • The MySQL account that will use HeatWave ML has been granted the following privileges:

    • SELECT and ALTER privileges on the schema that contains the machine learning datasets; for example:

      GRANT SELECT, ALTER ON schema_name.* TO 'user_name'@'%';
    • SELECT and EXECUTE on the MySQL sys schema where HeatWave ML routines reside; for example:

      GRANT SELECT, EXECUTE ON sys.* TO 'user_name'@'%';