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HeatWave User Guide  /  Preparing Data

Chapter 3 Preparing Data

This section describes how to prepare data for loading into HeatWave. Data is prepared on the MySQL DB System before it is loaded into HeatWave. For information about importing data into a MySQL DB System, refer to the MySQL Database Service User Guide.

Preparing data involves:

  1. Identifying the tables you want to load. See Section 3.1, “Identifying Tables to Load”.

  2. Excluding table columns that are not required or have unsupported data types. See Section 3.2, “Excluding Table Columns”.

  3. Encoding string columns. See Section 3.3, “Encoding String Columns”.

  4. Defining Data Placement Keys. See Section 3.4, “Defining Data Placement Keys”.

  5. Defining the secondary engine for tables you want to load. See Section 3.5, “Defining the Secondary Engine”.

For related best practices, see Chapter 9, Best Practices.


Instead of preparing and loading tables into HeatWave manually, consider using the Auto Parallel Load utility, which prepares and loads tables for you using an optimized number of parallel load threads. See Section 4.1, “Auto Parallel Load”.