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Release Notes for MySQL HeatWave on AWS (2023-04-27, General Availability)

  • HeatWave Scale-out Data Management on AWS S3

    MySQL HeatWave on AWS now provides an optimized storage layer built on AWS S3 to store the HeatWave in-memory hybrid columnar representation of the data. This allows data to be reloaded to each HeatWave node independently and in parallel. This significantly improves the service uptime and performance of operations such as error recovery, maintenance, and system restart. See HeatWave Architectural Features.

  • MySQL Autopilot: Auto Error Recovery from MySQL failure

    With Auto Error Recovery, now when MySQL fails and restarts, the HeatWave Cluster automatically restarts, identifies the tables which were loaded prior to the failure, and reloads those tables automatically from MySQL. This reduces the intervention by the user and also improves service uptime.

  • Auto reload of data in HeatWave Cluster after MySQL upgrade

    HeatWave now automatically reloads data from MySQL InnoDB after a MySQL node restarts due to maintenance upgrades or planned restarts. With auto-reload capability, there are no more manual steps after maintenance or a restart operation. This reduces the operational overhead and improves service availability.

  • MySQL Autopilot for OLTP - Auto Shape Prediction

    Auto shape prediction collects the most recent query execution metrics and uses advanced machine learning models to predict the MySQL database instance shape for optimal transactional processing performance. Auto shape prediction continuously monitors OLTP workload to provide a suggestion that will adapt to evolving workload patterns, allowing the MySQL DB System to maintain the best OLTP price performance over time. See Autopilot Shape Advisor.

    Monitor MySQL statistics such as buffer pool usage, workload activity and access patterns, and recommendations for the optimal MySQL shape for the workload with MySQL HeatWave Console.

  • MySQL Configuration

    Use MySQL HeatWave Console to view and configure user, system, initialization, and service-specific variables for the MySQL DB System shape with or without HeatWave support. Select a default configuration or create a custom configuration for the DB system. See and Configuration.

  • Automatic Backup

    MySQL HeatWave on AWS now support automatic backups. Choose a time for automatic backups during the creation of a MySQL DB System. The retention period can be between 1 and 35 days. The default retention period is 7 days. Scheduled backups are deleted when the DB System is deleted. See Creating a DB System.