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6.1 About MySQL Shell

MySQL Shell is the recommended utility for exporting data from a source MySQL Server and importing it into a DB System on the MySQL HeatWave on AWS. MySQL Shell dump and load utilities are purpose-built for use with MySQL DB Systems. To get the best functionality, always use the most recent version of MySQL Shell that is available to you.

The MySQL Server version used by MySQL HeatWave on AWS is fully supported by MySQL Shell. The minimum supported source MySQL Server versions supported by MySQL Shell are:

  • MySQL 8.0.11

  • MySQL 5.7.9

MySQL Shell provides the following utilities:

To import a schema to a MySQL DB System, MySQL Shell must be installed on a machine with access to the DB System. For instructions, see Section 5.2.1, “Connecting with MySQL Shell”.

MySQL Shell dump files are exported as DDL files specifying the schema structure and tab-separated value (.tsv) files containing the data. The .tsv files are compressed using zstd, by default, but gzip is also available as an option. You can also choose no compression.

To improve performance, large tables are chunked by default. The default chunk size is 32MB. Chunking can be disabled, but this is not recommended for large databases. During import, the chunks can be imported by parallel threads, which can greatly improve import performance.

For more information about MySQL Shell, refer to the MySQL Shell User Guide.