MySQL Shell API  8.0.26
Unified development interface for MySQL Products
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 Encloses the functions and classes available to interact with a MySQL Server using the traditional MySQL Protocol.
 Global object that groups miscellaneous tools like upgrade checker and JSON import.


class  ClassicResult
class  ClassicSession
 Enables interaction with a MySQL Server using the MySQL Protocol. More...
class  Os
 Gives access to functions which allow to interact with the operating system. More...
class  Path
 Gives access to path-related functions. More...
class  Shell
 Gives access to general purpose functions and properties. More...
class  ShellContextWrapper
 Holds shell context which is used by a thread, gives access to the shell context object through get_shell(). More...
class  Options
class  Reports
 Gives access to built-in and user-defined reports. More...
class  Sys
 Gives access to system specific parameters. More...
class  DatabaseObject
 Provides base functionality for database objects. More...
class  Column
 Represents the a Column definition on a result. More...
class  Row
 Represents the a Row in a Result.When a row object is created, its fields are exposed as properties of the Row object if two conditions are met:
  • Its name must be a valid identifier: [_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*
  • Its name must be different from names of the members of this object.

In the case a field does not met these conditions, it must be retrieved through the this function. More...


Detailed Description

Shell API and backward compatibility API for MySQL Servers not supporting the X DevAPI.