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28/** @file page/zipdecompress.h
29 Compressed page interface
31 Created June 2005 by Marko Makela
32 *******************************************************/
34/** NOTE: The functions in this file should only use functions from
35other files in library. The code in this file is used to make a library for
36external tools. */
38#ifndef zip_decompress_h
39#define zip_decompress_h
41#include "btr0types.h"
42#include "fil0types.h"
43#include "page0types.h"
45#include "page/page.ic"
46#include "page/zipdecompress.ic"
47/** Decompress a page. This function should tolerate errors on the compressed
48 page. Instead of letting assertions fail, it will return false if an
49 inconsistency is detected.
50 @return true on success, false on failure */
52 page_zip_des_t *page_zip, /*!< in: data, ssize;
53 out: m_start, m_end, m_nonempty, n_blobs */
54 page_t *page, /*!< out: uncompressed page, may be trashed */
55 bool all); /*!< in: true=decompress the whole page;
56 false=verify but do not copy some
57 page header fields that should not change
58 after page creation */
The index tree general types.
int page
The low-level file system page header & trailer offsets.
Index page routines.
byte page_t
Type of the index page.
Definition: page0types.h:151
Index page routines.
Compressed page descriptor.
Definition: page0types.h:199
static int all(site_def const *s, node_no node)
bool page_zip_decompress_low(page_zip_des_t *page_zip, page_t *page, bool all)
NOTE: The functions in this file should only use functions from other files in library.
Compressed page interface.