MySQL 8.0.30
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s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table Struct Reference

Definition of pfs_plugin_table service and its methods. More...

#include <pfs_plugin_table_service.h>

Public Attributes

int(* add_tables )(PFS_engine_table_share_proxy **st_share, unsigned int share_count)
int(* delete_tables )(PFS_engine_table_share_proxy **st_share, unsigned int share_count)
void(* set_field_tinyint )(PSI_field *f, PSI_long value)
void(* set_field_utinyint )(PSI_field *f, PSI_ulong value)
void(* get_field_tinyint )(PSI_field *f, PSI_long *value)
void(* set_field_smallint )(PSI_field *f, PSI_long value)
void(* set_field_usmallint )(PSI_field *f, PSI_ulong value)
void(* get_field_smallint )(PSI_field *f, PSI_long *value)
void(* set_field_mediumint )(PSI_field *f, PSI_long value)
void(* set_field_umediumint )(PSI_field *f, PSI_ulong value)
void(* get_field_mediumint )(PSI_field *f, PSI_long *value)
void(* set_field_integer )(PSI_field *f, PSI_long value)
void(* set_field_uinteger )(PSI_field *f, PSI_ulong value)
void(* get_field_integer )(PSI_field *f, PSI_long *value)
void(* read_key_integer )(PSI_key_reader *reader, PSI_plugin_key_integer *key, int find_flag)
bool(* match_key_integer )(bool record_null, long record_value, PSI_plugin_key_integer *key)
void(* set_field_bigint )(PSI_field *f, PSI_longlong value)
void(* set_field_ubigint )(PSI_field *f, PSI_ulonglong value)
void(* get_field_bigint )(PSI_field *f, PSI_longlong *value)
void(* set_field_decimal )(PSI_field *f, PSI_double value)
void(* get_field_decimal )(PSI_field *f, PSI_double *value)
void(* set_field_float )(PSI_field *f, PSI_double value)
void(* get_field_float )(PSI_field *f, PSI_double *value)
void(* set_field_double )(PSI_field *f, PSI_double value)
void(* get_field_double )(PSI_field *f, PSI_double *value)
void(* set_field_char_utf8 )(PSI_field *f, const char *value, unsigned int length)
void(* get_field_char_utf8 )(PSI_field *f, char *str, unsigned int *length)
void(* read_key_string )(PSI_key_reader *reader, PSI_plugin_key_string *key, int find_flag)
bool(* match_key_string )(bool record_null, const char *record_string_value, unsigned int record_string_length, PSI_plugin_key_string *key)
void(* set_field_varchar_utf8 )(PSI_field *f, const char *str)
void(* set_field_varchar_utf8_len )(PSI_field *f, const char *str, unsigned int len)
void(* get_field_varchar_utf8 )(PSI_field *f, char *str, unsigned int *length)
void(* set_field_varchar_utf8mb4 )(PSI_field *f, const char *str)
void(* set_field_varchar_utf8mb4_len )(PSI_field *f, const char *str, unsigned int len)
void(* set_field_blob )(PSI_field *f, const char *val, unsigned int len)
void(* get_field_blob )(PSI_field *f, char *val, unsigned int *len)
void(* set_field_enum )(PSI_field *f, PSI_ulonglong value)
void(* get_field_enum )(PSI_field *f, PSI_ulonglong *value)
void(* set_field_date )(PSI_field *f, const char *str, unsigned int length)
void(* get_field_date )(PSI_field *f, char *val, unsigned int *len)
void(* set_field_time )(PSI_field *f, const char *str, unsigned int length)
void(* get_field_time )(PSI_field *f, char *val, unsigned int *len)
void(* set_field_datetime )(PSI_field *f, const char *str, unsigned int length)
void(* get_field_datetime )(PSI_field *f, char *val, unsigned int *len)
void(* set_field_timestamp )(PSI_field *f, const char *str, unsigned int length)
void(* get_field_timestamp )(PSI_field *f, char *val, unsigned int *len)
void(* set_field_year )(PSI_field *f, PSI_ulong value)
void(* get_field_year )(PSI_field *f, PSI_ulong *value)
void(* set_field_null )(PSI_field *f)

Detailed Description

Definition of pfs_plugin_table service and its methods.

This service is functional but incomplete, as many apis are missing. Please use pfs_plugin_table_v1 and pfs_plugin_column_*_v1 instead.

Member Data Documentation

◆ add_tables

int(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::add_tables) (PFS_engine_table_share_proxy **st_share, unsigned int share_count)

◆ delete_tables

int(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::delete_tables) (PFS_engine_table_share_proxy **st_share, unsigned int share_count)

◆ get_field_bigint

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_bigint) (PSI_field *f, PSI_longlong *value)

◆ get_field_blob

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_blob) (PSI_field *f, char *val, unsigned int *len)

◆ get_field_char_utf8

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_char_utf8) (PSI_field *f, char *str, unsigned int *length)

◆ get_field_date

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_date) (PSI_field *f, char *val, unsigned int *len)

◆ get_field_datetime

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_datetime) (PSI_field *f, char *val, unsigned int *len)

◆ get_field_decimal

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_decimal) (PSI_field *f, PSI_double *value)

◆ get_field_double

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_double) (PSI_field *f, PSI_double *value)

◆ get_field_enum

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_enum) (PSI_field *f, PSI_ulonglong *value)

◆ get_field_float

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_float) (PSI_field *f, PSI_double *value)

◆ get_field_integer

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_integer) (PSI_field *f, PSI_long *value)

◆ get_field_mediumint

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_mediumint) (PSI_field *f, PSI_long *value)

◆ get_field_smallint

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_smallint) (PSI_field *f, PSI_long *value)

◆ get_field_time

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_time) (PSI_field *f, char *val, unsigned int *len)

◆ get_field_timestamp

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_timestamp) (PSI_field *f, char *val, unsigned int *len)

◆ get_field_tinyint

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_tinyint) (PSI_field *f, PSI_long *value)

◆ get_field_varchar_utf8

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_varchar_utf8) (PSI_field *f, char *str, unsigned int *length)

◆ get_field_year

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::get_field_year) (PSI_field *f, PSI_ulong *value)

◆ match_key_integer

bool(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::match_key_integer) (bool record_null, long record_value, PSI_plugin_key_integer *key)

◆ match_key_string

bool(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::match_key_string) (bool record_null, const char *record_string_value, unsigned int record_string_length, PSI_plugin_key_string *key)

◆ read_key_integer

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::read_key_integer) (PSI_key_reader *reader, PSI_plugin_key_integer *key, int find_flag)

◆ read_key_string

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::read_key_string) (PSI_key_reader *reader, PSI_plugin_key_string *key, int find_flag)

◆ set_field_bigint

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_bigint) (PSI_field *f, PSI_longlong value)

◆ set_field_blob

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_blob) (PSI_field *f, const char *val, unsigned int len)

◆ set_field_char_utf8

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_char_utf8) (PSI_field *f, const char *value, unsigned int length)

◆ set_field_date

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_date) (PSI_field *f, const char *str, unsigned int length)

◆ set_field_datetime

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_datetime) (PSI_field *f, const char *str, unsigned int length)

◆ set_field_decimal

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_decimal) (PSI_field *f, PSI_double value)

◆ set_field_double

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_double) (PSI_field *f, PSI_double value)

◆ set_field_enum

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_enum) (PSI_field *f, PSI_ulonglong value)

◆ set_field_float

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_float) (PSI_field *f, PSI_double value)

◆ set_field_integer

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_integer) (PSI_field *f, PSI_long value)

◆ set_field_mediumint

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_mediumint) (PSI_field *f, PSI_long value)

◆ set_field_null

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_null) (PSI_field *f)

◆ set_field_smallint

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_smallint) (PSI_field *f, PSI_long value)

◆ set_field_time

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_time) (PSI_field *f, const char *str, unsigned int length)

◆ set_field_timestamp

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_timestamp) (PSI_field *f, const char *str, unsigned int length)

◆ set_field_tinyint

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_tinyint) (PSI_field *f, PSI_long value)

◆ set_field_ubigint

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_ubigint) (PSI_field *f, PSI_ulonglong value)

◆ set_field_uinteger

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_uinteger) (PSI_field *f, PSI_ulong value)

◆ set_field_umediumint

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_umediumint) (PSI_field *f, PSI_ulong value)

◆ set_field_usmallint

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_usmallint) (PSI_field *f, PSI_ulong value)

◆ set_field_utinyint

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_utinyint) (PSI_field *f, PSI_ulong value)

◆ set_field_varchar_utf8

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_varchar_utf8) (PSI_field *f, const char *str)

◆ set_field_varchar_utf8_len

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_varchar_utf8_len) (PSI_field *f, const char *str, unsigned int len)

◆ set_field_varchar_utf8mb4

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_varchar_utf8mb4) (PSI_field *f, const char *str)

◆ set_field_varchar_utf8mb4_len

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_varchar_utf8mb4_len) (PSI_field *f, const char *str, unsigned int len)

◆ set_field_year

void(* s_mysql_pfs_plugin_table::set_field_year) (PSI_field *f, PSI_ulong value)

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