MySQL  8.0.21
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mock_connstruct Struct Reference

#include <mock_server.h>

Public Attributes

uint64_t magic
const char * uname
const char * config
void * engine_data
bool connected
struct mock_connstructnext
int sfd
uint64_t evictions
int nblocks
bool handle_ewouldblock
pthread_mutex_t mutex
pthread_cond_t cond

Member Data Documentation

◆ cond

pthread_cond_t mock_connstruct::cond

◆ config

const char* mock_connstruct::config

◆ connected

bool mock_connstruct::connected

◆ engine_data

void* mock_connstruct::engine_data

◆ evictions

uint64_t mock_connstruct::evictions

◆ handle_ewouldblock

bool mock_connstruct::handle_ewouldblock

◆ magic

uint64_t mock_connstruct::magic

◆ mutex

pthread_mutex_t mock_connstruct::mutex

◆ nblocks

int mock_connstruct::nblocks

◆ next

struct mock_connstruct* mock_connstruct::next

◆ sfd

int mock_connstruct::sfd

◆ status

ENGINE_ERROR_CODE mock_connstruct::status

◆ uname

const char* mock_connstruct::uname

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